Een tuin is natuurlijk niet compleet zonder een mooi, verzorgd terras & oprit. Wij bieden je een breed gamma aan materialen om je oprit & terras te laten aanleggen: betonklinkers, kleiklinkers, tegels, natuursteen, hout, kasseien, dolomiet, grasdallen, … Lees meer over onze klinkerwerken.

Use of Native Plants

The central principle of native plant landscaping is the incorporation of plants that naturally occur and thrive in the local ecosystem. These plants have adapted to the region’s climate, soil, and wildlife over time.

Oprit & terras aanleggen

Native plant landscapes often prioritize plant diversity, creating habitats that support a wide range of native wildlife, including birds, pollinators (bees, butterflies), and beneficial insects.

Water Conservation

Native plants are typically well-suited to the local climate and require less water once established. This reduces the need for irrigation and conserves water resources.

Oprit & terras aanleggen

Native plant landscaping offers a sustainable and ecologically responsible approach to outdoor spaces, promoting the health of local ecosystems while reducing resource consumption and enhancing the beauty of the landscape. It’s an excellent way to support both the environment and your local community.

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